Welcome to Hoskin Golf Events

Hoskin Solutions is hosting improved golf networking events in 2018 exclusively for our partners and introducers so that you and your clients can speak to the right people whilst on the course and in the clubhouse.

Being able to spend quality time with a potential client or supplier is the best way to secure a long-lasting relationship. Not everyone can justify the time out of the office without being able to pinpoint what they are going to get out of the day.

So here is how our events work.

  • Targeted pairings and four balls for our partners and introducers.

As one of our partners you will be asked what type of client you want to play with, you might even have a specific client in mind. We’ll make sure you get to meet the people that will help your business. If you want to bring a client or prospect we’ll make sure they are catered for too.

  • New great venues

We’ll be holding events across the county at courses we know will provide a good test of golf for all abilities. They’ll be courses you probably haven’t played, but we know you’ll want to play again.

  • Event packs

Partners can have their literature handed out to everyone that attends 

  • Linked in group – Get to meet the people at the event before the event. Make sure you book in a one to one whilst you’re in the clubhouse.

The events are going to be better than ever. If you want to benefit from our event then sign up to become a partner. Give Wayne a call and he’ll give you the details.